Why You Should be Using Aimetis Analytics Right Now

Aimetis produces world-class video analytics to significantly enhance surveillance systems around the world. As pioneers in computer vision, we specialize in both powerful, server-based and efficient, edge-based video analytics for applications in retail, healthcare, government, education, transportation, and more.

Here are three reasons you should start using Aimetis video analytics right now:

  • Real-time alerts
  • Forensic investigation
  • Historical reporting

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Real-Time Alerts

In the security industry, a faster response time can literally mean the difference between life and death. Video analytics help security staff respond to events immediately with real-time alerts in countless scenarios across all industries -- the most common being the detection of security breaches.

How do real-time alerts work? By putting power in the hands of the user.

The ability to customize and pre-program conditions means the user can optimize the analytic to its environment, fine-tuning it to each unique requirement. Once the rule engine identifies that a condition has been met, an action is triggered.

For example, a historical motorized transport exhibition in Germany protects each car with an invisible tripwire. Once that tripwire is crossed, an external alarm sounds. Alerts can also be sent to security staff with mobile devices as a more nuanced way of managing potential threats.

Real-time alerts can go beyond the simple security applications and can be used for facilities automation and management.

Security Alerts

Aimetis Analytics can be used to alert security personnel to unauthorized access of your facility. Here are three common examples of Aimetis Analytics being used for security alerts:

Automatic License Plate Recognition: Alarms can be placed on unrecognized or known suspect license plates


Face Recognition: Alarms are triggered when unrecognized or known people's faces are found


Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking: Set alarms to alert security when people and vehicles are registered in restricted areas


Facility Automation

Aimetis Analytics, such as Aimetis Face Recognition and Aimetis Automatic License Place Recognition, can be used to trigger actions that automate different facility functions, like opening gates and/or doors. This event automation can streamline many facility operations while enhancing overall security.


Facility and Personnel Management

The Aimetis Indoor People Tracking and Crowd Detection video analytics are powerful tools in helping deploy facility personnel to the right locations faster for better management of your security and customer care needs.

Here are two examples:


Forensic Investigation

Video analytics can be used for forensic investigations to aid in situations where you need to find historical footage regarding a past incident. For example, you can retrieve videos with objects in a specific area of a scene, videos of a particular vehicle entering your facility, etc. It's important to note that proper configuration of any video analytic before any incident is of the utmost importance. Having a finely tuned video analytic, such as Indoor People Tracking, makes forensic investigation searches much faster and more accurate, especially when time is of the essence.

A typical theft investigation can take hours of manual footage review to pinpoint when and where the theft occurred. By enabling the motion detection video analytic on your surveillance cameras that are connected to Aimetis Symphony, you will be able to search for all instances of motion in a particular area of your scene. Watch this quick video to see how this is done.

Here's another example of how video analytics streamline forensic investigations:

Goal: Obtain video of everyone entering and exiting the facility to investigate a security incident that occurred.


Historical Reporting

Video analytics can be used to study historical trends to improve your facility operation and review security incidents. Historical reporting through the use of video analytics offer a host of business improvement applications that can help determine optimal placement of products and personnel in your facility.

Retail remains the industry with one of the highest rates of usage of business intelligence data, but is rapidly growing in the healthcare, government, industrial, hospitality, and transportation sectors.

Here are three historical reports that are being utilized each and every day to help businesses and organizations improve efficiencies, streamline staff, and enhance security.


If you're wondering how Aimetis Analytics can help your organization stay more secure and improve efficiencies, be sure to request a demo today and see how we can add value to your organizations every day.

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