Top 5 Things to Consider Before Acquiring a VMS

Having the right video management software (VMS) in place is essential to ensure your whole video surveillance system is efficient and effective. But not all VMS’s are created equal, and your overall security goals, the size of your deployment,...

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The Challenges of City Surveillance Security

How do you create an efficient video surveillance system for a city-wide security deployment? It starts with understanding the multi-faceted challenges that governments face when trying to accomplish their security goals.

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How to Improve the Efficiency of City Surveillance Security Systems with Video Analytics

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Aimetis Leaps Forward with Efficient HD Video Analytics

Video surveillance camera technology has consistently improved with HD and 4K cameras being utilized around the world to ensure the clearest footage is available to security teams.

In a recent IFSEC Global report, security professionals from a...

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Change Your Network Camera Passwords—It’s an Easy First Step in Cybersecurity

Websites are streaming live feeds of unsecure cameras from numerous locations, including daycares and schools—password management and cybersecurity are more important than ever.

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Alarm Zone vs. Virtual Fence: What’s Better for Perimeter Protection?

Video analytics can be powerful and versatile. They enable stronger live video surveillance and streamline security operations before, during, and after an incident. Because of the range and flexibility of video analytics, there are often...

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Visit Us at ISC West for a Demo of Centralized Cloud Management, Face Recognition, and More!

Everyone is getting ready to land in Las Vegas, April 5-7 for ISC West 2017. At Aimetis, we’re excited to demo some of our latest technology.

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Video Analytics and Big Data: How to Make Sense of Massive Amounts of Information

It’s difficult to articulate the amount of data gathered every day.

“Our accumulated digital universe of data will grow from 4.4 zettabyets to around 44 zettabytes (44 trillion gigabytes.) [by 2020]”1

Statistics like these can be hard to...

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New Search Function Enhances Face Recognition

Facial recognition technology is redefining the security industry. Businesses are even using it to gather intelligence and deliver stronger customer service experiences. However, not all facial recognition software is created equal.

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5 Reasons the New R-Series Is a Dramatically Convenient Security Solution

The world of security can be complex. Last week, Aimetis tackled this problem head-on, launching an elegant, easy-to-use solution that’s ready to go…right out of the box.

The R-Series of Network Video Recorders (NVR) are turnkey solutions that...

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